Either your business is in the processing of the virgin, recycled resins, or; 
in the manufacturing of the plastic products by injection, extrusion, blow mold, blow film, etc..
we have the innovative
plastic additive and solution to help you!!!

TK additives certainly outperforms the average PPA (Plastics Processing Aid or Polymer Processing Additive) on the market especially if you're using the recycled resins in your production!

Please join the Family of TK Series, whether you are a Plastic Processor, a Color Pigments Distributor or a Masterbatch Manufacturer!!

I may save thousands of dollars if I click here!


Do you know...
We are recycling more than ever before...;
With an average recycling rate of 27 percent,
and over 60 percent for some materials,
we have exceeded US EPA's national goal....  
see Detail

PPA: abbreviation of Plastics Processing Aid or Polymer Processing Additive. PPA is generally regarded as a processing lubricant in the plastics industry. TK additives will outperform PPA especially if you're using the recycling resins in your production. Click here to know how TK Additives works!

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EF delivers hotter flame temperatures and
brings you the fuel economy solution!

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