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New Plastics Additive
Super Saving TK Series
improve the performance of
Injection, Extrusion, Blow Film/Mold


The Super Saving TK Series plastics additives have been through successive lab demonstrations, formula improvements and the numerous field tests over a decade since its initial development in early 90's. This plastics additive can be used in various plastics processing industries including PE, PP, PS, PVC and ABS, etc. and  is applicable for different processing mechanisms such as injection, extrusion, blow mold, blow film, and rotational molding, etc. With Super Saving TK Series's unique chemical and physical characteristics, it is used as an active and intermediate agent to agglomerate (coalesce) both the inner and outer parts of the plastic resins which subsequently improve significantly the quality of the finished plastic products. Also, the engineering evaluation reveals that Super Saving TK Series increases the re-polymerization power of the recycled or reground resin; and generate the advantageous lubrication effect not only among the resin granules themselves, but also between the resin granules and the metal wall (or surface) of the barrel and screw for plastics processing. In general, the TK Series additives are widely considered and being used for their unique functions of which it will not only act as "lubricant" and "impact modifier", but also will significantly promote the effects of other common plastics additives such as "plasticizers", "color pigments", "blowing agents", and "masterbatch fillers", etc.


Since the introduction of TK additives in late 90's, it has helped various plastics processors to reduce their scrap material or products, improve the finished product quality and have the manufacturing process or machines become very forgiving to the different quality grade of the basic resins; both virgin and recycled.


While Super Saving TK Series would obviously help to improve the production throughput and to reduce the machine down time when you are using 100% virgin resin in your plastics production; there are many extra potential benefits can be achieved especially for those plastics processing using high mix ratio of virgin and recycled resin . You may save hundreds thousands of dollars for your business if you will give it a try, our sales and field application engineer will gladly assist you in any way we can.


HOW TK Additives WORKS


How it works "chemically" - TK acts as a chemical catalyst and surfactant during the process of base resin agglomeration (coalescence) or re-polymerization. Whether it is a straight chain or cross-linked configuration of the addition polymerization which produce most of the synthetic thermoplastics in the market; with the presence of special radicals and other key ingredients within TK additive, the covalent bonding reaction during the polymerization can be significantly enhanced.

How it works "physically" - the ester based TK additive would provide the lubricating effect or reduce the friction in processing not only among the resin granules themselves, but also between the resin granules and the metal surface of the barrel and screw for the plastics processing. Tests with TK additives indicate that kneading equilibrium torque being raised and polymers fusion time shortened during the co-polymerization. Also, the tradeoff between lubricating effect and impact strength is found optimized when using TK additives.


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