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The case study outlined below includes ONLY the brief summary of its individual
test background and result; please feel free to contact your local dealer if you want
to know more about how TK Series can help your unique plastic processing.

Case# 019: HDPE blow films for shopping bags, cost saving and better product quality




shopping bags

Resin Type:

HDPE, include 29% recycled resin


blow film

Filler Type

5% CaCO3 Masterbatch (calpet)

Customer concerns:

customer wants to reduce their raw material cost by using more recycled and off-grade resin while still achieving the same or better productivity and quality of finished products.

Tests Brief: Control Cell : use 29% recycled resin purchased from outside
Test Cell: use 34% recycled resin purchased from outside + 0.2% TK-1
Tests Result: 1. acceptable physical and mechanical properties, even better cosmetic, glossier film appearance
2. able to lower down extruder temperature setting by 10 degree C and therefore save electric power
3. extruder speed/velocity output 10.5% increase, therefore production throughput increased from 190 kg/hour to 210 kg/hour
4. better pigment dispersion
Cost Analysis

estimate the annual saving due to higher productivity and use higher percentage of recycled or off-grade resins will be up to US$ 525,000.

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