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The case study outlined below includes ONLY the brief summary of its individual
test background and result; please feel free to contact your local dealer if you want
to know more about how TK Series can help your unique plastic processing.

Case# 013: PVC pipes, TK helps to extend equipment life when high percentage of CaCO3 filler being used.




PVC pipes

Resin Type:




Filler Type


Customer concerns:

mechanical abrasion or wear of the extruder screw and the mixer blades/heads by high % of CaCO3

Tests Brief:

1. TK is claimed to prevent the wear of screw thus minimizing the defective rate of extrusion and injection equipment. To test the abrasion effects on screw, the customer simulates a laboratory accelerated abrasion test by mixing in high content of filler CaCO3 and TiO2 which they know it will surely cause mechanical wearing down.

2. To simulate the screw abrasion, the 2.0 3.0 inch aluminum discs are dispersed in the formulated compounds using the Papenmeier Laboratory mixer and the weight loss of these discs are measured over 1 and 2 hour intervals and recorded in milligrams (mg). The more weight loss of the aluminum discs denotes the more severe abrasion or mechanical damage to the screw or barrel.

3. Formulated resin/filler compound (% by weight): 

PVC resin                    - 100
SMS 318                     - 2.5
Impact modifier            - 1.5
Ext.Lubricant               - 1.0
Filler                            - 20 to 30
TiO2                            - 2.0

Tests Result:


 without TK-1  with TK-1

Additive Concentration (% by weight)

N.A. 0.4

Tests Result (weight loss in mg)

  Test A Sequence 1; 20% CaCO3, after 1 hour process

5.30 1.90

  Test A Sequence 2; 20% CaCO3, after 2 hour process

25.80 10.70

  Test B; 30% CaCO3, after 1 hour process*

8.20 2.60

  Test C; 30% CaCO3, after 2 hour process*

18.00 11.80
Major Benefits:

1. significantly less abrasion or wear out when TK additive being used, therefore less cost for equipment overhaul maintenance and longer service life of processing equipment.
2.  customer considers to use higher percentage CaCO3 to reduce raw material cost

* different machines were used in Test B and Test C.

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