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The case study outlined below includes ONLY the brief summary of its individual
test background and result; please feel free to contact your local dealer if you want
to know more about how TK Series can help your unique plastic processing.

Case# 010: Rest assured; using higher percentage of CaCO3 masterbatch (calpet) as filler in LDPE blow film production




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Resin Type:



blow film and blow mold

Filler Type

CaCO3 Masterbatch (calpet)

Customer concerns:

1. looking for cost reduction
2. bad experience when use calpet, such as poor CaCO3 dispersion; inconsistent MFI quality of recycled resin, etc.
3. high machine downtime
4. shorten machine service life (for both motor and screw)

Tests Brief:

Test  Group I: blow film; use 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40% by weight of TK treated calpet
Test Group II: blow mold use 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40% by weight of TK treated calpet
Control cells: virgin resin + recycle resin

Tests Result:

1. acceptable product cosmetic quality 
2. competitive production rate
3. less machine interuption
4. less pigment used and good color dispersion
5. Stronger welding
6. minimal mechanical damage to production equipment by CaCO3

Major Benefits:

1. cost saving, use up to 20% calpet for blow mold; use 25% - 40% calpet for blow film
2. consistent calpet quality, most recycled resin's quality inconsistent from lot to lot.
3. steady calpet supply and enable to reduce high cost of virgin resin


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