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The case study outlined below includes ONLY the brief summary of its individual
test background and result; please feel free to contact your local dealer if you want
to know more about how TK Series can help your unique plastic processing.

Case# 008: HDPE Plastic containers for machine oil, solve problem of poor color dispersion




plastic containers for machine oils

Resin Type:

HDPE, recycled (regrind and scrapped)


blow mold

Filler Type


Customer concerns:

poor color dispersion observed after increase the recycled vs. virgin resin ratio

Tests Brief:

25 kgs of virgin resin + 25 kg of recycled resin +  100 grams of TK-1 (i.e. approx. 0.2% of TK-1). The same silver color pigments were used for both test (with TK-1) and control (without TK-1) run.

Tests Result:

As soon as TK-1 was used and incorporated in the blow mold process, the obvious, poor color dispersion problem was gone or cured. Also, the container surface appears smoother and almost looks the same as using virgin resin.

Major Benefits:

1. completely eliminate problem of poor color dispersion
2. reduce blow mold machine downtime
3. save electric power
4. smoother & glossier surface finish 


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