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Customer Testimonials and Field Tests/Demonstrations 




The case study outlined below includes ONLY the brief summary of its individual
test background and result; please feel free to contact your local dealer if you want
to know more about how TK Series can help your unique plastic processing.

Case# 003: HDPE bottles, reduce defect rate and extend screw service life




HDPE bottles

Resin Type:

HDPE, virgin or recycled


Blow Mold

Filler Type


Customer concerns:

1. high defective rate of irregular shape bottles
2. mechanical & surface damage of the screw

Tests Brief:

customer prohibits the disclosure of any test details

Tests Result:

1. significantly less screw wear out due to TK's lubricating power
2. significantly lower defect rate 

Major Benefits:

1. higher bottle quality by evidence of clearer appearance of HDPE
2. extend the service life of the expensive screw
3. increase productivity or throughput


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