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MB TK Series Physical Properties


  1. General: MB-TK Series (masterbatch) is a TK Series concentrate which specially designed for the ease of applications by the various plastic processors. The masterbatch can be prepared in a more convenient form in terms of weight and mixing to accommodate customer's production equipment or special requirements.

  2. Physical Properties:

    Appearance transparent pellets
    Material carrier  polyethylene
    Concentration of additive, %  10% of TK Series
    M.F.I. 11.4grams/10 min. (190C 2160+10g)
    (ASTM D1238-65T)
    Density  0.95grams/cc (23+2 Deg.C)
    (ASTM D 792-64T)
    Subjection dosage  1%~4% for PE; 1%~4% for PP
    Package  25kgs/bag
    Storage, Shelf Life Use within 12 months



  1. Masterbatch TK Series is packed in 25 kgs bag



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