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New Plastics Additive
Super Saving TK Series
improve the performance of
Injection, Extrusion, Blow Film/Mold


Products & Applications

TK Series plastic additive is a powerful performance booster or agent to the vast plastics processing industries and processing. We will closely work with your process and mechanical engineer in order to provide the optimum and custom solution for your business. Please contact us if your business is in the processing of the virgin, recycled resins, or; in the manufacturing of the plastic products by injection, extrusion, blow mold, etc.; we are confident that we can help your business not only becomes more competitive, but also save you with significant production and quality costs.

        Applications (where TK additive are used)*

  • Resin Types: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, AS and ABS, etc.

  • Resin Source: Virgin, Recycled (Reground), and Mix of Virgin and Recycled

  • Processing Mechanism: Injection, Extrusion, Blow Mold, Blow Film, etc.

  • Boosts the business of Masterbatch Processors or Color Pigments/Color Rematch Suppliers (Click Here)

        TK Series Products (which TK additive to be used)

  • TK Series in Liquid Form (TK-1**): mainly to treat resin in the form of granular or pellet

  • TK Series in Powder Form (TK-2): mainly to treat PVC resin in the form of powder

  • TK Series Masterbatch (TK-3): to conform to customer's requirement or specification

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* Our Customers Include:

  • Plastic resin compounder, masterbatch manufacturer who mainly want their product's quality can outperform their competitors and also to reduce the warranty return rate of their sold product.

  • Plastic products manufacturers who mainly want to increase their production throughput, to reduce the material costs and the production machine's down time

** TK-1 was previously named as SS-1 (Super Saving No. 1)


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