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Super Saving TK Series Boosts the business of Polymer (resin) Compounding,
Masterbatch and Color Pigments/Color Rematch Suppliers


  1. General: 

    We have extensive experience of using Super Saving TK Series plastic additives in our masterbatch products for various customers and applications. Super Saving TK Series is proven not only to reduce the internal production costs and improve the product quality for masterbatch processor; but also help to boost the businesses of masterbatch or color pigments suppliers by outperforming their respective competitors. 

  2. Major benefits for masterbatch processor if using TK Series:

    1) to successfully produce higher concentration of masterbatch

    2) to reduce up to 50% of the kneading process time

    3) to use off grade plastic resins while maintains the same masterbatch quality

    4) to improve the dispersion of colorant or CaCO3 (fillers) among the carrier resins.

    5) to use less color pigment or to use more CaCO3 for cost reduction

    6) to include value-add properties to your masterbatch, such as plasticizers, impact modifiers, blowing agents and lubricants, etc. Refer Introduction to Super Saving TK Series

    7) to outperform your competitors by helping your customers to achieve all these possible BENEFITS

Super Saving TK Series  is a chemical compound which is exclusively used as agent for agglomerating inner and outer parts of plastic materials and processed products. Why we name this plastic additive as Super Saving TK Series? Because ONCE YOU USE Super Saving TK Series, you will SUPER SAVE your money.



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