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How To Use TK Series in Blow Molding

  1. General: TK Series can be used in all kinds of plastic resins, including the ABS, PS, PP, PVC, PC, NYLON, PET, and Engineering Plastics, etc.

  2. Use TK Series with Virgin Resin (Pre-heat first if required):
    1) Dosage: 0.1~0.2% depend on the MFI (Melt Flow Index) of Resin and the machine. The MB TK Series can be used to solve the lower MFI problem. The MFI will be increased after treat the resins with the TK Series additive.
    2) The resin + TK Series mixed 10 min. (Masterbatch can be put in this moment.)
    3) After 10 min. put colorants mixed 3~5min.
    4) After 3~5 min., ready for injection.

  3. Use TK Series with the Recycled (or Reground) Resin (Pre-heat first if required):
    1) Dosage: 0.4% for 100% regrind material 0.2~0.4% depend on the different mix ratio of the regrind and the virgin resins. If 100% same color of regrind just directly mixed with the TK Series and no need to put any colorants. The TK treated recycled resin will behave almost the same as its virgin would.

  4. Miscellaneous:
    Toxicity: None
    Food grade, can be use in food plastic products.
    Bureau of Food and Drugs Test No: DP98-7-6-179
    Liquid: Packed in a 53 Gallon iron barrel or 170 kgs per barrel (Net Weight of additives)
    Powder TK Series: packed in 20 kgs bag.
    Masterbatch TK Series: packed in 25 kgs bag.




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