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New Plastics Additive
Super Saving TK Series
improve the performance of
Injection, Extrusion, Blow Film/Mold


Benefits & Advantage


Please click here if you are either in the business of a polymer (resin) compounding,
a masterbatch manufacturer or the color pigments supplier.


TK additives will certainly outperform the average PPA on the market especially
if you're using the recycled resins and fillers in your production!

§ To increase the plastics production throughput or productivity §

§ To use the higher dosage or even 100% of the regrind or recycled resin §

§ To use even 100% of the off grade LDPE powder to make the masterbatch §

§ To use higher dosage of CaCO3 rather than the costly talc as the filler §

§ To outperform or replace the common lubricants and antiblock (or antitack) agents §

§ To solve the welding or the irregular extrusion problem §

§ To solve the MFI (Melt Flow Index) problem in plastic processing §

§ To solve the contaminated resin problem (e.g. by the ambient colorant dust) §

§ To help solving the contaminated problem in recycled resin (e.g. by different types of resin) §

§ To improve the glossiness of the product surface §

§ To improve the impact and tensile strength of the plastic products §

§ To increase the service life of your expensive machine's screw and barrel (Test Data)§

§ To reduce the colorant costs by improving the color dispersion with base resins (Test Data)§

§ To save the manufacturing facilities' power bill §

You don't want to miss using "Super Saving TK Series"!
You will be amazed with its benefits to your plastics processing!

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PPA: abbreviation of Plastics Processing Aid or Polymer Processing Additive. PPA is generally regarded as a processing lubricant in the plastics industry. TK additives will outperform PPA especially if you're using the recycled resins and fillers in your production. Click here to know how TK Additives works!


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